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Welcome to Stemnode; A Collaborative Equipment User Manual.


To enhance the sharing of knowledge on scientific equipment & methods, pay forward lessons learned, and make research more efficient.

How to Use

Search for equipment in the upper right. If a page does not exist on a piece of equipment then you can create it. Our User Manual will help get you started.


Stemnode was made to make lab manager's and graduate student's live easier. If we share failures and training material rather than repeating mistakes, then we can progress science faster, get knowledge outside the paywall...and maybe even graduate sooner. Our pages are open for contribution and creation, but recognize authors which can help others know what your lab is capable of and create opportunities for partnerships.

Stemnode Diagrams

Stemnode diagrams are in alpha testing. The diagrams allow equipment, methods, or other systems to be mapped out, combined, or subsystems explored. Learn more at Stemnode Diagrams.